Hi and welcome!

I've been working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 2007. 

Clients include:
Amber Waves Farm, The Andy Warhol Museum, Coyne Advertising, Ixtlan Artists Group, Three Rivers Volkswagen, 
The Toonseum, Illustration Ale for The East End Brewery, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company and more.

Fine art skills, type design, page layout, logo design, pen and ink design, art direction, illustration skills,
package design, and image manipulation.

The Process:
1. You describe what you're looking for and give me the completion date.

2. I send you a contract delineating the timeline and what will be delivered. We agree on payment if the job
will be a set fee or hourly. (With a set fee I need %25 upfront before I begin work.)

3. I do thumbnails and offer a series of solutions to the design or illustration job. 

4. Design and implementation.

5 Final proof or proofs depending on the job .

6. Print or physical files are delivered.

I offer complete transparency throughout the design process. 

Preferred Contact is Email: Speaking4lines@gmail.com